2015 JUNE

Opens a branch in Taiwan to expand business to the Asian market

2014 MAY

Tokyo Office relocate to Omotesando because of expantion Osaka Office

2013 AUG

Capital Increases of 100.26 Millon Yen (99.7 Million for Capital, 560,000 for Legal Capital Surplus)

2013 MAY

Capital Increase of 7.45 Million Yen

2013 FEB

Registered Real Estate Agency, MILT Operator License Renewal

2012 DEC

Capital Increases of 6 Million Yen

2012 SEP

Founding of Osaka Branch

2012 JUL

P.V.B. Renovation-Property Sales Begin

2012 MAY

Relocated within Ebisu for Expansion of Office Size

2012 APR

Overseas Property Services Begin
Value-Up Renovation Service Begins

2011 AUG

Rent Management Begins

2011 JUL

Used Properties Sales Begin

2011 JUN

Headquarters Relocated to Ebisu for Business Expansion Divisions Setup & Established

2010 NOV

Real Estate Agency Sales Begin

2008 OCT

Founding of P.V.B (based in Nakameguro)