Reasons for Choosing P.V.B.

P.V.B. is a leader in the real estate industry;
We use our proposal-making skill to negotiate suitable arrangements
between property owners and tenants.
We really believe that the skills we use can be found only in P.V.B.


To Maximize & Optimize Our Customers' Return on Investments

The 5 skills that Premium Value Bank uses to guarantee satisfaction to customers.

Purchase Support

People invest in properties for numerous reasons. Whether your reason is tax deduction,
profit-making or land ownership, P.V.B. will find the property that will suit your purpose.
Everyone has a different financial background and, of course, a different family structure.
And each of us has a different vision of the future.

Remodel & Renovation
Remodel & Renovation

Values of old and used apartments will rise
after remodeling and renovation work done by our first-class architects and designers.

The value of a property is strictly evaluated based on its current condition, its building and infrastructure. Simulation based on future cash-flow generated by the number of current residents is a major factor as well. In many cases, buildings next to a lowly evaluated building have a steady number of residents.
And, regardless of that building’s location, if repair and renovation are done on the lowly evaluated building, its value will rise.
The P.V.B. Value-Up Plan includes 1) both interior and exterior renovation and 2) support from beginning to end.
When we sell properties, our prices include renovation fees that will help our customers to make better financial arrangements.

Free Brokerage Fees
Free Brokerage Fees

Usually, when you purchase a property from a regular broker, you have to pay 3% of the price plus a 60,000 yen transaction fee. But, if you are dealing with P.V.B., you can buy the property directly without any broker or any brokerage fees.

Empty-Room Guarantee & Tenant Leasing Support
Empty-Room Guarantee & Tenant Leasing Support

If customers choose P.V.B. to manage their properties and recruit tenants, when there are any empty rooms or delay in rents, P.V.B. will cover a part of the missing rent; We guarantee owners will have a stable income. In addition, owners can leave all of these to P.V.B.: tenants moving in & moving out, tenant recruitment, tenant management (for instance, if there are any problems or claims by tenants) etc.

100% Loan

100% Loan

When you buy a property from a standard broker, you will be asked to pay 15% to 16% of the price as a deposit.
But when you are dealing with P.V.B., we will make negotiations and adjustments with the banks so that you can achieve a 100% loan with no deposit. As a result, you can save on the deposit and make use of the money for other investments.

Two-Year Warranty Against Defects

Two-Year Warranty Against Defects

Since brokers are not usually the suppliers of the properties, they are not required to pay for any warranties against defects.
But if you find any defects in the properties that you purchase from P.V.B.,
all the repair fees will be paid for by P.V.B. because we have two-year warranty against defects.

Management Services

If an owner is too occupied with his overall business,
i.e. collecting rent and building management, P.V.B. will provide the following services on request.

Management Services